What you can do now if you have plans to buy or sell in 2020

Is selling your home something that you have considered this year?

If yes, then now is the time to start planning and preparing. Spending time now to make sure these items are checked off your to-do list will make the entire process smoother and less stressful when you do decide to list your home. 


It has been said that buyers can make a decision about putting in an offer on a home in the first 5 minutes of viewing it. This makes curb appeal and the appearance of the front of your home so very important when selling. Here are a few ideas for projects that can be done over the next month or so to ensure the front of your home is making the right first impression. 

  • Paint or Clean the Front Door 
  • Ensure the grass is raked and cut. Also make sure that all weeds have been pulled from grass and any flower beds. 
  • Inspect your roof. Also clean out or repair your gutters & downspouts. 
  • Clean the exterior of your windows and any window screens. 
  • Clean out & organize your garage 
  • Stay on top of pet waste in the yard
  • Check your siding and the foundation 
  • Remove any extra exterior decorations 
  • Make sure light bulbs are working and you house number is visible. 


Preparing your home to list can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Think of the process as a gateway to helping your home sell faster and potentially for more money. A few minor touch-ups can go a long way towards making a favourable impression on potential buyers. Here are some ideas for things you can do now, no matter when you may be thinking of selling. 

  • Clean, clean, clean. Your home can never be too clean in a potential buyer’s eyes. 
  • De-clutter & organize as much as possible. A cluttered home can feel uncomfortable and uninviting. An easy way to tackle this is to start packing! 
  • De-personalize. Remove photos and personal collections. Let the buyers imagine their own family living there instead of yours. 
  • Re-paint & clean walls. Fill in all drywall nicks and give walls a fresh coat of paint or touchups where needed.
  • Spend time organizing in each room of the house. Start with the important rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Then move to the front entrance, living areas and bedrooms. Don’t forget about closets, the basement, and storage areas. 
  • Change your furnace filter and check the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • If the whole idea seems overwhelming your can speak to a professional home stager. They can help with the work or give you ideas on where and how to get started.

Is buying a home a possibility in the near future?

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an investor looking for a second property, here are some critical steps to take now so that when you are ready to buy the process is less complicated and stress-free.  

  • ​The first step should involve some introspection and homework. Completing a personal budget and understanding your net income and expenses is an important step before you set out on your search for a property. 
  • The next step is to speak with a Mortgage Broker who can review your situation and start the Pre-Approval process. Once the Pre-Approval is completed, the final item that is required for a mortgage approval is the actual property you are purchasing. Whether it is a condo, townhouse, resale home or even new construction home, the lender will want to confirm the details of the property being purchased. 
  • Contact your Real Estate Professional to make a plan that fits your timeline. This will also ensure that you are aware of any closing costs and the full process associated with buying a home.