How have we changed our procedures to still safely serve our clients?

First and foremost we wanted to say that we hope everyone is healthy and safe in these uncertain times we are all experiencing. In Alberta, Real Estate has been deemed an essential service and we are grateful that we can continue to work and support our clients who are in a position where they currently need to buy or sell.

But real estate has a much different look this days. We are taking all the precautionary measures necessary and are adapting our business practices to ensure that safety for everyone is our first priority. Here are just a few ways that we are serving our buyers and sellers to practice social distancing, all while still ensuring our clients are informed and have every opportunity they would have prior to COVID-19.

Virtual Home Evaluations

If you are considering selling your home and would like a Home Evaluation, we are fully prepared to conduct a virtual tour of your home. We can hold a video conference with you to view the lot and interior of your home, or you can send us photos and videos.

Virtual Home Tours

If you are looking to buy and are nervous about viewing multiple homes in person, please contact us. We can view the homes for you and record video to send you, or conduct a live video chat with you while we are in the home. This will help to narrow your search and may lead to you physically viewing one or two properties in person.

Hands-Free Showings

There are a few ways that buyer and sellers can protect themselves when viewing properties or allowing showings into their home. Whenever possible sellers should open all doors and closets and turn on all lights in the home before the showing arrives. This will eliminate the need for realtor/buyer contact in the home. Sellers should also clean and sanitize before and after all showings. If you have hand sanitizer or wipes available sellers should leave those out for buyers as well.

Electronic Signatures

E-Signatures have been the norm in our industry for some time and we have never been more grateful for it than now. Any and all necessary paperwork can be sent electronically to you, whether you are buying or selling. If this is not an option for you we can definitely discuss  other options to ensure that the necessary documents are prepared safely.

With any kind of market there are opportunities. Right now, the opportunities would be for buyers. There are some sellers out there who absolutely need to get their homes sold and with lack of buyers out there right now, may become desperate and lower their price significantly to get a deal done.

Over all, we are remaining positive that we will come out of this and there will be real estate transactions that continue to be completed and the housing market will rebound!