Spring street cleaning

Calgary’s spring clean-up has started. Have they been in your community yet?

The City of Calgary started their annual spring Clean-up street cleaning campaign on April 20, 2020. The clean up is expected to last until July and the program involves removing sanding materials and debris that has accumulated on roads during the winter months.

If you are in a community that has not yet been completed, you can find information on the City of Calgary website. Just type in your address to find out when the sweepers will be in your neighbourhood. A link to an interactive map is located on the right hand side of the webpage AND you can also sign up to receive alerts that will remind you 24 hours before your street is about to be swept.

There have been a few changes to some of the policies & procedures for property owners who block the street with vehicles in any way. There will be no tags issued on the day of the sweeping. Owners will instead have a chance to clean the missed area themselves to avoid a fine. Check out all the FAQ’s here.

You can always just wait for the signs that will be put up in your neighbourhood. They will be out a few days before the sweeping starts to remind you.