About Candace Randall

Sales Representative

Having spent a fair amount of time in the restaurant industry over the years, Candace was used to being asked some very random and unexpected questions. That probably helped her keep her composure when, while in the process of flipping another house, her Realtor asked out of the blue...

“Hey, would you like to come work for me?”

What can we say? Sometimes your career finds you. What did that Realtor see in Candace? Someone who was approachable, was always asking the right questions, did their research, and knew what to look for in a property. Well, after thinking it over, Candace took that opportunity and ran with it. Now, over 10 years later, she's still running (and we're not just talking about Mom's Taxi Service for her 3 kids!)

That knack for research and finding the right property? That's what Candace continues to bring to the table. Whether you are a first-time buyer, or flipping yet another property, she takes the time to make sure you are educated about the entire process from start to finish. Pulling comparable listings, touring a community- there can be a lot of moving parts and spinning plates when you're buying or selling in this market. With her demonstrated experience and the network of resources YYC Group brings to the table we know, much like that Realtor back in the day, you'll be comfortable asking Candace to work for you too.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/candacerandallrealtor/
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Office 403-910-8888 ext 4
Mobile 403-477-0856
Email Candace@yycgroup.ca